CCI, A Different kind of service for the business community

CCI offers total work life solutions for any size business. Specializing in Drug-Free Workplace and Employee Assistance Programs, CCI creates programs which affect the bottom line…lower workers compensation rates, fewer accidents, lower employer turnover, lower medical claims, higher morale.

Your company's success depends on the performance of your people. We at CCI believe that, especially in times of rapid change, the competitive advantage comes from a healthy and productive workplace. It is our job to address and help the day-to-day problems people face which interfere with their workplace performance. We also work proactively to reduce substance abuse in the workplace, which helps to decrease the possibility of on the job accidents or injuries.

Traditional EAP’s offer a range of valuable services to client companies, yet many companies can’t afford or simply can’t utilize some of the structured benefits. Companies that struggle to finance the cost of offering health insurance may not be able to afford the cost of a full service EAP in addition to the existing health insurance premiums. Companies with multiple shifts and locations often find it difficult to justify the cost of shutting down a plant or closing all their branches to attend a training seminar. But even more importantly, CCI had recognized that for some people, there were disadvantages with the traditional model. Some issues and concerns can be addressed in three visits, but the vast majority of issues that people seek counseling for, require much more than three visits. Those employees were often frustrated by the transitions. They made their first contact with one counselor by phone; they were then referred into the EAP system to see an EAP counselor. They spent three to five sessions talking about their situation and their visits were up. At that point, they were forced to begin again with another counselor. CCI recognized the need for a continuity of care and structured the Helpline to assess the problems of the caller, and refer them directly into whatever counseling or resources were most likely to provide assistance and continuity of care.


In short, CCI recognized the need to provide programs that each company can design based on their specific needs and the needs of their employees. From that idea, came the concept that personal attention and customization would become key principles at CCI. We customize our programs to the needs of our companies and we customize our services to the needs of the employee. When the Chamber of Commerce approached CCI because EAP’s weren’t interested in working with small employers, CCI created their first telephonic Helpline. When employers expressed the difficulties they had meeting Drug-Free Workplace training requirements, we modified our training materials and created written modules and newsletters. When employees ask for a counselor who meets certain criteria (perhaps a certain religious affiliation, a certain gender or a certain ethnic background), our counselors work hard to meet those requests. 


The goal of the CCI Employee Assistance Program is to help clients and their employees make the most appropriate connection to the right kind of service. We accomplish that by working with each company and each caller on an individual basis and utilizing a wide range of resources. CCI provides our customized Employee Assistance Services to public and private sector employers and union trusts.


Within some organizations, a customized program adds to the cost. Not at CCI. All of CCI’s EAP programs are based on the same core Helpline service, which provides the same quality of program as traditional models. Companies then choose which features and benefits are needed and cost effective.


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