Drug-Free Workplace Programs: Introduction



Drug-Free Workplace Program
Can your company afford NOT to be a Drug-Free Workplace? Join thousands of companies that have become Certified Drug-Free Workplaces


         Substance abuse costs employers over $100 billion each year.

         Becoming a Drug-Free Workplace is a strong marketing tool for your company as well as opening opportunities to both government and outside contractors requiring DFW certification.


It is easy to become eligible for your State workers compensation premium and other important incentives by meeting the simple steps supplied in our comprehensive DFW Implementation Kit.

Companies that become certified as Drug-Free Workplaces can receive a substantial workers' compensation premium credit depending on your State incentive program.

Worker's compensation is a major business cost, and premiums are expected to rise. However, the premium credit is only one incentive available and can more than offset the cost of a Drug-Free Workplace program.

Companies with Drug-Free Workplaces cite additional bottom-line benefits:


  • A marketing tool for outside contracts
  • Fewer workplace accidents
  • Lower health care costs
  • Reduced absenteeism and turnover
  • Increased productivity and morale

One Georgia Company with 275 employees credits its Drug-free Workplace program with helping cut annual workers' compensation costs
by 40%

Source: Drugs Don't Work Metro Atlanta





Most States require the following components to become a certified Drug-Free Workplace however the requirements may vary from state to state.


  1. Written Substance Abuse Policy
  2. Substance Abuse Testing
  3. Employee Education and Supervisor Training
  4. Employee Assistance Resources

It's not difficult or expensive to become certified -- if you have an experienced partner that knows the program. CCI is a leader in providing Drug-Free Workplace services to small and medium-sized Georgia businesses. We offer cost-effective, turnkey certification programs. Contact us to find out how CCI can help you realize the bottom-line benefits of being drug-free.