Employee Assistance Services


Employee Assistance Services

Employers are more aware than ever that employees' personal and family issues can have a strong impact on individual and company performance. Marital problems, parenting problems, substance abuse, stress, and depression are common in virtually any workforce. Studies consistently document substantial returns to employers from investing in services to assistance employees.

CCI has created a unique approach to Employee Assistance services. We deliver Employee Assistance services to fit the needs and budgets of companies of all sizes. Our options allow the employer to offer the multiple benefits of an employee assistance program without duplicating the services of their health insurance providers.


CCI Offers Employee Assistance for all Size Companies

Helping Your Employees Makes Sense

Employers are more aware than ever that employees' personal issues effect the workplace. Issues around family, marriage, parenting, substance abuse, stress and depression are present in almost any workforce. Studies show substantial returns to companies that assist their employees. Virtually all of the Fortune 500 companies offer assistance programs to their workforces.

Traditional EAPs Don't Fit All Companies

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) typically offer a package of services priced per employee and paid for in advance. These services often bundle resource and referral assistance, clinical assessment, supervisory and management coaching, workplace training and multiple counseling visits. This approach is right for some companies, but doesn't fit the needs and budgets of others. Companies may want to purchase only specific services, not duplicate health plan coverages, or pay only for services they use.

The CCI Difference

CCI offers flexibility. We unbundle the traditional EAP in order to provide the services your company needs at an affordable price. We offer choices among employee and supervisor HelpLines, employee education and resource directories, clinical assessments and counseling services. We arrange payment on a fixed fee, fee-for-service or combination basis.

You choose the services and payment methods that make sense for you. Then our employee assistance professionals and resource specialists help your employees access appropriate employee assistance, community, health plan and other resources quickly and cost-effectively. Call CCI to find out how we can help your company.