Drug-Free Workplace Training: The DFW Training Series


Drug-Free Workplace Training Modules and Newsletters

Georgia Drug-Free Workplace certification requires employers to provide two hours of education for all employees in the first year and one hour of training in subsequent years.  Company supervisors receive an additional two hours of training in the first year and one hour of additional training in subsequent years.  In addition to be being required, effective training is essential for achieving the financial and performance benefits of your DFW program. CCI offers both the Drug-Free Workplace Training Modules and Newsletters to help companies train their employees and supervisors cost-effectively and with minimal workplace intrusion.

CCI's DFW Training Modules are a set of print modules covering a variety of DFW topics. Employees and supervisors can read these modules independently, or use them as a basis for group discussion. Each module provides one-half hour of certification training. Trainees complete a questionnaire at the end of each module to document compliance with DFW training requirements.

CCI's Training Series is Convenient and Cost-Effective

§         Adds flexibility to DFW training

§         Eliminates training coordination issues

§         Minimizes workplace interruptions

§         Delivers training in manageable segments

§         Reinforces DFW training messages throughout the year


The Training Newsletters cover a wide variety of topics.  Newsletters are sent monthly via email or fax. Each 2 page newsletter is the equivalent of 10 minutes of training.  Newsletters are primarily composed of reprints of articles from a variety of sources. The reprinted articles may, or may not, have been written by substance abuse professionals. Articles may come from professional journals, the internet, or even newspapers. However, we include only that information that we feel is accurate and valuable. The Newsletters are currently for employee training only and are not available in Spanish.

Employers can purchase training modules separately or in sets, and distribute them at one time or over the year. The Training Modules can be combined with other CCI training options to create a customized training solution: on-site training, training seminars, audio/video tapes and train-the-trainer programs.

CCI provides complete employee assistance and drug-free workplace services. We work with companies of all sizes. Our workplace solutions also include work-life and workplace management support. Call to see how CCI can help you.